Hotel heaven12

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Hotel heaven12

It happened one day, I was a little bored with life as I knew it. I decided to go shopping at the local market. As I cruised the aisles in search of nothing, a a gentleman in a business suit approached. He was built, about 45 yrs old, tall dark and handsome. He asked what I was doing, I said nothing. He suggested a bit of fun. His plan was to go out to his car car and have me give him a blow job. I said what do I get out of this plan. He offered $20, I said sure, why not.We headed out to his car, we got into the back seat, I pulled down his pants, this revealed a cock 8" long and 3" around. Cock-heaven, I slowly wrapped my lips around this soft monster, it stiffened with each up and down movement of my lips. I was sucking that dick like no-tommorrow, when all of the wwwxxx a sudden, someone jumped in the front seat of the car and started it up. They backed out of the parking space quickly. I was at a loss what to do, the man driving said not worry. We arrived at our destination, a sleazt hotel south of town. The man who got me into the car pushed me out if the car and ordered me into a room. 

There was a /camera/video-camera/">video camera setup, 12 black men with shit-eatin' grins, and one tube of ky jelly. I turned to get out, but was blocked by a /midget/">midget with a gun. I was told to take my clothes off and smile for the camera, this was going out live on the web. I was to be the next "victim" on their website. I was in shock, what could I do, but do as they said. So, I took off my clothes, posed for the camera. 

The first task was to give head to brotha, while another lubed my ass with his tongue. This was my /first-time/">first time with 2 men, I was not sure how to handled being fucked like a /bitch/">bitch while sucking a enormous tool. I was slobbering on that beast, it must have been foot lon, because it choked me. The brotha on the backside loosened me up with his tongue. It was great, he oiled down his raging black /boner/">boner, and yelled here comes the /master/">master dick. He rammed it in til he bottomed out I screamed in pain. He yelled we gonna hav' /prison/prison-sex/">prison sex!

He pumped it in a few times and shot his seed deep into my ass. The next one came in to action, pounded my ass, this went on for an hour, 11 cocks in my ass. Cum splattered everywhere, pouring out of ass. They soon brought out a speculum, shoved into my ass and ordered my yo suck on it till all the giz was clean from the scene. As I was eating cum, the wwwxxx 12 brotha jerked his boner off into my face. 

This was a great day in my life!