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As his eyes fell across her naked body, he pinched himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming. His moment had finally come. He'd thought he'd be a virgin forever.

He was almost overwhelmed by an incredible sense of awe as his intense gaze followed the soft curves of her body. Her skin was warm under real forced anal against her will his hands. Trailing his fingertips across her muscular belly brought him to a state of gentle arousal, his dick hardening with anticipation.

Her dark eyes looked up at him, her tanned faced framed by her long honey-coloured hair, which fell about her shoulders and on the pillow. Her full breasts heaved as she breathed, her dark nipples beckoning to his mouth.

He bent over her chest, taking a nipple between his lips and suckled like a child. Her delicate hands held his head close to her.

He trailed his tongue between her breasts, following the erotic shape of her body. He plunged his head between her legs, drinking in her moistness. He tantalised her clit, licking her hard and fast, then plunged deep into her cunt. His tongue pushing into her, tasting her deep inside.

She began to groan as he pulled apart her lips. He again licked her clit vigorously as he jammed his fingers into her. Her body began to shake and her muscles clenched as he brought her to a violent orgasm.

His cock was hard as rock as he crawled up to kiss her mouth, his skin slid over hers which was drenched in sweat, and his lips crushed hers passionately.

Lifting her hips of the bed, he entered her, pushing into her, jamming his cock right in. Kneeling up, he lifted her legs over his shoulders, stretching his arms forward, he could touch her breasts, her nipples which were tight and erect, pointing to the ceiling.

Gripping them between his finger and thumb, he squeezed and twisted them, each time receiving a groan from her. He pulled her close as he continued thrusting, gripping her firm rounded buttocks.

She shuddered to another orgasm, and still he kept pushing into her. He pulled out and she rolled onto her stomach, spreading her legs far apart, revealing xnxxv sunny leone video her wonderful arse. He pulled her cheeks apart and thrust his penis into her arsehole, the tightness almost making him come immediately.

She reached between her legs to fondle his balls. Finally the pressure inside himself became too much and he came. The release throbbing the cum into her.